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Product Review

SpeedyVote: American Idol Voting Software

Product link: American Idol Voting Software

Product Highlights:

  • Place hundreds of votes an hour for your favorite American Idol contestants.
  • The first American Idol voting software on the market (April 2004).
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • No more misdialed calls to American Idol's toll free numbers
  • Avoid American Idol voting scams
  • Helps prevent your favorite American Idol from being eliminated
  • Votes quickly by detecting busy signals and quickly retrying
  • Places votes for Idol contestants during the short durations when someone else retries to vote
  • Tracks the number of votes placed for your American Idol contestant
  • Low cost American Idol voting software
  • Saves time - casting idol contestant votes while you do other things.
  • Instant download and use

    Product Review:
    Speedy Vote (SpeedyVote.com) has created a superb product that enables idol fans to cast hundreds of votes an hour for their favorite American Idol contestants.

    The voting product was released around April 2004 and was the original American Idol voting software on the market. The product was launched as a response to some of the American Idol season 3 upsets where the top 3 divas ended up in the bottom three and one went home.

    The Idol contestant voting software uses your computers modem as a speed dialer. When it detects a busy signal it quickly hangs up and dials again. When it detects that the call was answered it knows it cast your Idol vote and registers that the vote was cast.

    Now you might be saying to yourself, that is no big deal, I can just hit the redial button on my phone to redial my favorite idol contestant and vote for them again. You would be right, you can make repeated votes using the redial on your phone but, even using a speaker phone, it takes time and work to wait for a dial tone, hit the redial button, wait to see if the line is busy, and hang up

    Using the speed dial button on your phone to cast votes for your favorite American Idol contestants will work but it's slow and tedious. The problem is that the toll free American Idol contestant lines may be busy for long periods of time before you can get a single vote in

    Even if you only want to place a few votes, and not hundreds of votes, for your favorite Idol contestant, it can take up to a half hour of redialing just to get a single vote through

    As the popularity of the American Idol show increases, demonstrated by the 30 million or more votes now being cast each week, it will become increasing more difficult to place votes for your favorite American Idol.

    Speedy Votes, American Idol voting software, enables you to place one or hundreds of votes to American Idol's toll free voting lines with ease. You simply put in the number of the contestant ( 01 to 12 ) and the number of votes you want to cast and hit the vote button. This innovative dialing product then uses your computer modem as a rapid dialer to place the votes for your Idol favorite.

    The Idol vote casting product, also eliminates misdials which not only cost you time but could also cost you money. In March of 2004 the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) settled an American Idol Voting Fraud Scam against several companies that were trying to take advantage of American Idol voters that accidentally dialed the wrong number.

    See: Defendants Settle FTC Charges They Deceived Consumers Trying to Vote for Their Favorite "American Idol" Contestant

    The problem is that American Idol viewers must write down all the toll free numbers for their favorite contestant. If they copy the Idol phone numbers down incorrectly, they may never be able to place votes for that Idol contestant, and worse yet, may be scammed by an unscrupulous company.

    Since the American Idol toll free number is programmed into the product, you will not reach numbers that could potentially be a scam when you thought you were voting for your favorite Idol contestant. Your vote for your American Idol contestant will be cast.

    The Speedy Vote American Idol dialing software also eliminates you having to write down the long 10 digit phone numbers needed to call for that Idol contestant. You simply need to write down which or remember which number contestant you want to vote for (I.E. 1 through 12).

    Product link: American Idol Voting Software